These will help you to join with us in prayer concerning Father's plans for our ministry and work.

The mystery of israel and jacob

February 2023

God was declaring a New Covenant that would extend to all the offspring of Jacob, or Israel. Then He says that He will surely do this on their behalf, and as a witness to His own words, He settled it in the heavens with a sign ...

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Prophecy: The Testimony of jesus

March 2023

Prophets are simply “fellow servants” that have been commissioned to deliver a message to you, ... Remember this phrase, “double honor for a man and no more” ...

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the rhythm of unity

June 2023

God places people together into “eco-systems” called bodies. We don’t choose our place in the body; we yield to our place ...

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the battle for sound doctrine

September 2023

So, we have this letter …and it is basically a summary of the connection between good sound doctrine …and moral character, godliness, and righteous lifestyle that is the fruit of said doctrine ...

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November 2023

“Grace” = Supernatural assistance above your natural ability. It is an empowerment. It’s a gift from the supernatural realm and is granted to us and manifested as ability and or identity ...

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