These will help you to join with us in prayer concerning Father's plans for our ministry and work.

Pray for an awakening unto god

May 2019

“One thing will save America, and it is not the election, it is an Awakening to God. One thing will avail for Israel and the Nations, it is an Awakening to God.” ...

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are you ready to build?

June 2019

Do you see what the opportunity being given to us is? It is the opportunity to rebuild the nation in honor to God and shore up its sovereignty ...

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i want my body back!

July 2019

Because you have shown such a beautiful attitude to many, many churches--you haven't secluded yourselves and said, 'I am it, I need no other'--but you have reached out--so, therefore, I'm going to say this to you: ...

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the name of the lord

August 2019

In July of this year our precious baby girl was born into this world. We named her ...

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let the children come to me

September 2019

Some people try to keep these little kids from “getting in the way” of Jesus' ministry … but He warned them saying, “…do not forbid them; for such is the Kingdom of God.” ...

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the armor of light

October 2019

Police use a device called a “flash-bang”. The device emits a bright flash of light when detonated causing temporary disorientation ...

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children of light

November 2019

Light is supreme and has all preeminence! Darkness is simply the rejection and subsequent absence of light ...

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merry christmas

December 2019

“It is imperative in this day that we develop close fellowship and relationship with Holy Spirit.” ...

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If you need a partner to agree with you in prayer, please call, write, or come to one of our services and see one of our prayer ministers.

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