These will help you to join with us in prayer concerning Father's plans for our ministry and work.

year of the local church

February 2021

Jesus says that He will build His church upon a solid rock foundation and the strategically positioned authorities of hades that are en masse in large numbers upon the earth will not withstand its influence ...

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growing up spiritually

March 2021

I could not speak to you as to spiritual people, but as to carnal" ...

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time of favor

April 2021

Favor protects me and allows for me to make advancements independent of natural qualifiers, requirements, necessary conditions, prerequisites, or stipulations ...

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more than overcomers

June 2021

He is not in agreement with “skipping over” a tough situation or battle but He desires that we would face the enemy and overcome it ...

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fruit is proof

September 2021

How will you know someone then if they are something different than what they portray? We are told you will know them by their fruit ...

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presence over performance

October 2021

We do not even want the “promised land” if You, O Lord, will not go into it with us ...

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happy thanksgiving

November 2021

Most people reserve the “giving of thanks” until after they have received something ...

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