These will help you to join with us in prayer concerning Father's plans for our ministry and work.


January 2020

When the Lord said that phrase to me, I knew what He was saying. We do not need to apologize for who He is. In fact, the Lord is having us examine ourselves and remove any fear ...

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A decade of mastery

February 2020

The use of the mouth, in this season, is going to be a sign of whether you have developed yourself, (your spirit) and are a mature person …or you are still a child in the things of the Lord and Kingdom.

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Redemption makes the difference

March 2020

In Whom we have our REDEMPTION ...

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We cannot go back to normal

April 2020

Recently I heard the Lord speak to me about, “not going back to normal” …it’s not that what we were doing was bad, or error …but He said to, “Take advantage of this situation and use it to propel forward and deeper into your mandate”.

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May 2020

Welcome to a season of intense distractions! What’s all the noise about? To get you, the church, off mission ...

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pay attention: you're in transition

July 2020

"My people are going through a time of transition, ... I am bringing them into an overall shift where you will concentrate and employ all resources on the single objective ...

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double-down in prayer

August 2020

The call to prayer, ... has been a progressive revelation spanning the last three years. We have come to hear Jesus asking if we would “stay up and keep up with Him in prayer”. How do you “stay up” and “keep up” with Him? ...

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it has begun

September 2020

We have now entered into the “last leg” of the journey! ...

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Maneuvering: Perilous times

October 2020

Chalepos is used to describe animals that are vicious, ferocious, fierce, unruly, uncontrollable, unpredictable, and dangerous ...

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Pray, fight and hold

November 2020

A boldness is maturing in the Body of Christ …a fighting resolve is rising up and many hearts are being stirred for righteousness ...

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Merry christmas

December 2020

When I read this particular version the phrase “The Extraordinary Strategist” stood out to me ...

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