These will help you to join with us in prayer concerning Father's plans for our ministry and work.

seeing the unseen

September 2022

There is another realm, dimension, and or reality that the Bible says actually has significant influence and impact on what we can see with our natural eyes and senses...

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he sent his word

August 2022

The English word “word” in this passage is the Hebrew word דּבר. It is a powerful mystery hidden right here...

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vision: the strategic advantage

July 2022

Jehovah Jireh יהוה יראה is literally the Lord who “sees” or who has “looked”...

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Don't doubt

May 2022

We should not get into the habit of entertaining “reasoning’s” that have been arranged opposite of the Word of the Lord. Usually, the strategy of the enemy includes...

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going deeper

April 2022

He went on to say, "Tell the people to make every effort to fellowship together in, stay united with, and keep focused on the mandate of..."

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February 2022

‘Harpazo’ is the Greek word for “caught up” or “caught away”. It is translated in Latin as rapturo …it is where we get the word, rapture...

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Inheritance Invasion

January 2022

Servants don’t inherit …only sons do...

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